Tooth Box

$79.20(GST Included)

Storage box specially designed for child's teeth.

It is great as a gift for baby showers or for your grand child.

Ironbark cutting board

$66.00(GST Included)

Ironbark is a common eucalyptus tree native to Australia.  It has a very dense and heavy, which protects itself from insect damage and hot weather.

We offer comprehensive range of small craft made by  Takashi  Nishiura in Sydney.

 『youbok』is our original brand. We are sourcing timber that has been harvested responsibly.

Most gift are available in a range of different timbers and size.

************ We  provide free engraving service **************Limited time for X'mas

If you have any questions about product, Please don't hesitate to write us at or call us ​on 02 9907-0924.

Original Brand



Heart Box

100 x 90 x 35(mm)

$79.20(GST Included)

A lovely heart-shaped box made from 2 types of Australian natural timber.

Eucalyptus bread board

200 x 400(mm)

$132.00(GST Included)

Breadboard with a eucalyptus motif.


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Coffee pod stand

75 x 75 x 400(mm)

$132.00(GST Included)

Coffee pod dispenser for the popular Nespresso capsules. Various timbers.

Windmill box

100 x 100 x 35(mm)

$92.40(GST Included)

The windmill box has felt lining and is recommend to use as a jewelry box. 

Music Box

95 x 95 x 60(mm)

$79.20(GST Included)

The music box is available in 10 songs, Walzing matilda and I still call Australia home are most popular. It is great as a gift or a souvenir.

Pendulum wall clock

$396.00(GST Included)

We have requtangular and oval type. The hands and pendulum are cutout from natural timber.

Desk Clock

100 x 100 x 45(mm)

$105.60(GST Included)

Lovely petite range of clocks.The hands of these clocks are also cutout from natural timber.

The surface of the clock is carved out to bring out the natural grain pattern of the wood.